Word cloud for Obama’s Trayvon Martin speech

President Obama made a surprise speech earlier today about race in America in the wake of the Zimmerman trial. Content aside, let’s take a look at the speech’s stats:

It had 2,145 words and “think” was the most popular word, appearing 21 times (or comprising less than 1 percent of the speech). African” and “American” appear second and third (15 and 14 times, respectively).

Roughly 45 percent of the speech was made up of primary, or non-common, words, which tracks with the presidential habit of using lots of indefinite articles in his spoken comments.

Here’s the word cloud of the speech:


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Here’s the top-10 words frequency list (created at textfixer.com)

Primary Keywords Frequency
think 21
african 15
american 14
lot 12
more 10
out 10
people 9
those 8
state 8
going 7
community 7
trayvon 7
martin 7
very 7
local 7
want 7
it’s 6
better 6
issues 6
country 6
laws 6
see 5
case 5
folks 5
enforcement 5
fact 5
law 5
way 5