Using mobile tools to produce video for newsroom profit

I really should just call this “Something to put pre-roll on,” because that was the point of the presentation. I gave this last Thursday at the Walter B. Potter, Sr., Conference: Innovation and Transformation in Community Newspapers held at the Reynolds Journalism Institute (note: I am a huge fan of conferences held two floors above my office).

Slideshow is embedded below, but here are the takeaways:

1. About 3/4 of online video watchers watch in-stream ads (like pre-roll) to completion. That’s fantastic in this day and age and a way to help an outlet’s advertising rate card.

2. You need something to put in-stream ads on and if you’re the Cabool, Mo., newspaper, local content is going to play better than anything else. Especially local sports and man-bites-dog stuff.  So you need to figure out a way to produce it.

3. Mobile tools provide a relatively cheaper way of providing an all-in-one gather/edit/publish experience.

4. Then there’s two conceptions of what a mobile kit looks like, RTE’s mobile grab-kit and the one we’re giving our advanced mobile students at the Missouri School of Journalism.

Saved you a bunch of clicks right there. Presentation is below if you want to see it.