The Fall 2018 drone highlight reel

I finally got the highlight reel together, after much too long. Now it’s time for critical self-appraisal.

First, the sustains:

  1. I flew in good light. And when there wasn’t good light, I adjusted.
  2. I did a good job of color grading.
  3. My gimbal flips were solid and the rate of gimbal movement matched the rate of ascent or descent.
  4. I built my best reveal ever at :48 coming up over a ridgeline and moving diagonally.
  5. I like the music.

Now, the improves:

1. It’s :20 too long. This is largely because I couldn’t get the music to cut cleanly and still build to that strong finish.
2. That music required me to put in two shots I could have done without. The diving well shot is too static.
3. I need fewer landscape shots and more shots of active things.
4. I should fly more fearlessly. Speed-ramping hides a lot of sins here, but I’m a slow flyer.