Takeaway from the PBS Mediashift webinar

Remember, there are four strengths to mobile:


1. It’s a force multiplier. We can drastically increase the ground we cover by equipping reportersm producers and production assistants — basically anyone but the videographer — with mobile phones and the wherewithal to use them.

2. It’s a single platform for all phases. Mobile allows us to save time by consolidating all our processes into a single place — the phone or tablet. Time is a competitive advantage in today’s micro-news cycle climate.

3. Mobile lets us go direct to social media quickly. We can create touchless content that allows us to avoid production bottlenecks during breaking news situations. It also allows us to demonstrate that our brand is working between newscasts or article pushes.

4. We can create novel content. Mobile-produced content just looks different from what our legacy media products look like. The diversity of apps means that we can create new forms of packaging our reporting that’s designed to be consumed more quickly than traditional content forms.

And, last but not least, here’s the apps:

[thinglink 648205416345370625]