Quick tips to get the most out mobile shooting

I’ve been lucky enough to speak at the American Society of News Editors Reynolds Journalism Institute High School Journalism Institute. It’s an annual training that brings high school journalism instructors from around the country to Columbia, Mo. I was asked to speak about using mobile tools.

This is always a tough topic. You have an audience that’s passionate enough to spend a couple weeks doing skill improvement in mid-Missouri during the summer. They tend to be early adopters. They all have cell phones and they all work with aggressive students who innovate.

I put together a short presentation on why mobile tools are being adopted, what’s in a mobile kit (this shows three different examples: the kit used by Irish national broadcaster RTE’, my personal kit and the kit that our students use at Mizzou), additional uses beyond videography and workarounds for common problems with mobile media production.

It’s here if you’re interested in it: