Mobile reporting kit, software by function

Following up on the other day’s post of what the kit looks like, here’s the basic loadout we’ll be putting on our mobile kits. More detail on why we chose each on in a later post, but there’ve been enough questions as to what software we’re using that it seemed good to post.

Photography: Camera+ ($1.99 iPhone/$4.99 iPad). It does all the basic camera functions as the iOS native camera software, but it does them better, including a better zoom. It allows enough finetuning, but without the complicated learning curve of 645 Pro Mk II. Just having separate lighting and focus controls sets it apart.

Photo editing: Snapseed (Free): Probably the best image editing software package out there. There are specific functions that other programs do better, but given the ethical issues that come from having photos that are so heavily dependent on post-shot processing, Snapseed is our choice. Nice tap-and-drag editing functionality.

Videography: FiLMiC Pro ($4.99): Flexible and easy to use, despite the odd capitalization. Like Camera+, it allows you to point-select where you want to white balance off of and where you want to focus. Its zoom function is smooth and doesn’t disintegrate too much in lower-light conditions.

Video editing: Voddio (Free, but $10 upgrade to be able to transfer off the platform): A nice, pretty full-featured video and audio editing suite. The main advantage to Voddio is that it can upload directly into a content-management system. Our plan is to do just that. We also found it a little bit more stable in low-RAM conditions than Pinnacle, AVID’s entry in the category. Why not iMovie? It has a limitation on tracks.

Audio recording: TBA. We could use FiLMiC for this and then edit it in Voddio, but we’re testing out a couple different apps for gathering and editing: Tascam PCM (Free) seems to lead the way right now, but there are a few paid apps that we’re also looking it, including one from Rode and one from Hindenburg.