Fixing the data-plan eating monster that is Facebook’s auto-play videos

Noticed Facebook’s new auto-play video feature in your timeline? It exists to mainly serve up video ads, but it has an additional ‘benefit,’ which it automatically plays videos friends upload to your timeline.

Except that if you’re checking your timeline in the Facebook app on a cellular network, that high-bandwidth video will eat up your data minutes, probably against your will (it will also slow down the timeline loading and occasionally crash the app in a low-RAM environment).  Here’s how to fix it sort of (you can’t get rid of auto-play entirely, but you can get it to only work when you’re connected to WiFi):

For iOS, it’s Settings –> Facebook –> Settings –> Auto-play on WiFi only;

For Android, go to App Settings from within the Facebook app and then select Auto-play videos on WiFi only.