The new mobile journalism kit, by part

We’ll be doing a mobile journalism pilot here next semester (more on that in upcoming posts) and we’ve spent the last few months figuring out equipment to build mobile journalism reporting kits.

It all came in yesterday and there’s been some interest in seeing what our mobile journalism reporting kit looks like, so I thought I’d post a picture or two, along with descriptions and costs.

The key thing to remember: We’ve outfitted a fairly functional still/video unit for less than $700 (excluding app cost, but that’s another post).  Will it create TV-video? No. But it will create HD video and stills that are good enough for the web. And the total cost is $628.69.

This particular kit is based around a 16GB iPad Mini ($329). We also have kits built on the 16GB iPad4 ($399).

Mobile Journalism Kit

It’s held in a Movie Mount by Mayakama ($69.95), which gives it a cold shoe for accessories, a threaded outlet for a 37mm lens and a screw to mount on a standard tripod.

The accessories, clockwise from the bottom:

Vivitar 2.2x telephoto lens ($29.95)

Albinar .45x wide-angle lens ($29.95)

50-watt equivalent LED light (~$29.95) I took these from existing kits we had, so no manufacturer

Joby GorillaTight ($19.95) snap mount for iPhones, which allow an iPhone to be mounted on a standard tripod.

Mikey Digital Mic ($89.95)

And who can forget that favorite tool, the Apple Lightning-to-30-pin adaptor ($29.99), which is pretty much required for any aftermarket piece at this time (it’s connecting the mic to the iPad in this shot.

Here it is all set up:



mobile kit set up